Governing Board

Board of Directors Meeting February 2021 - Monday February 22nd, 2021 @5:30 PM

Meeting Minutes

Attendance Summary

Name Status Arrival Time Departure Time
Robert Woodall not present member
Greg Hays present member On Time At Adjournment
Tom Hatley present member On Time At Adjournment
Kathleen Beebe present secretary On Time At Adjournment
Timothy Thorn present ex-officio On Time At Adjournment
Melanie Millar present member On Time At Adjournment
Carson Stewart present member On Time At Adjournment
Maggie Bennett present member On Time At Adjournment

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Welcome and Call to Order

The meeting will be called to the order, beginning with the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence.

Approval of Agenda

So that there is an agreement between board members on the agenda, and the amount of time spent on the meeting, the board shall vote to approve an agenda for the meeting. To the best of its ability, it will follow that agenda, and allow for the chair to move the board through the agenda as specified.

Approve the agenda as submitted

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Carson Stewart

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Approval of Minutes from Jan 25, 2021

Approval of Minutes

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Tom Hatley

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Public Comment

Our Public Comment period is for members of the public to address the board. The board may read the comments during the meeting, but may not directly respond to any comments. Our meetings are open to the public and public records. As such, if your comment is about a private matter, please contact the board via email, or speak to the board. Any individual who desires to appear before a regular meeting of the board shall sign in prior to 5:30 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will be broadcast via Zoom webinar, and open sessions will begin at 5:30 p.m. with the public comment submission deadline occurring one-hour prior at 4:30 p.m. After this time, the form will no longer be able to accept responses. The board may or may choose to read or respond to public comments.

Kelly Roark- My concern is the stop sign in front of the gym that so many drivers blatantly disregard. As I have sat in front of the school and waited for my daughter to come out of the gym for practice, the number of motorists who completely disregard the stop sign is alarming. Can the school do anything about this concern? The stop sign is necessary to ensure the safety of all.

Brian Herrick- Would like to see my child back to school 5 days a week.

Stacey Livingston- When is JICHS going to align with the other Chas County schools and open up five days a week?

Jessica Beran- I am writing as a concerned parent of a rising 9th grader. I am very much concerned with school being a hybrid 2 day schedule in the upcoming year. I believe we are asking for our students to lose vital personal and educational growth in a high school atmosphere. I am also worried about the instruction and education he will be receiving only being in person 2 days. At this point parents should make a choice virtual or not if they are not comfortable, the 2 day system seems very off to me and not what these kids need. They need normalcy and proper teaching from a teacher in person.

Hollie Ancrum- Is there anything in place, or being considered to assist the students that are visual learners and not doing well in some classes, especially math, and having difficulty learning from a virtual program( Ingeunity)?

Rachel Sanders- My rising 9th grade child has been in private school and has been looking forward to going to JICHS for a few years. He is drawn to the community feel and wide array of class choices. However, if JICHS does not move to 5 full days of in-person instruction as things were pre-Covid, he and we are much more concerned about the environment and would likely keep him in a private school where he can be in a more normal, healthy school environment.

Jennifer Heesen- After a year of our children being closed in a room in solidarity, It is of the most importance for our children to resume a social environment for their minds and spirit. Science tells us it is nothing but a cop out keeping them locked up any further. It would be nice to see their safe return as there best interest. The Virus is now just an excuse to get away with doing less.

Wayne McFee- While it is trying times for everyone, it is imperative these kids get back to school as soon as possible. What I have witnessed not only from my own straight A student but through conversations with other parents is that motivation is waning. That's a bad routine to get in as a teenager. I am bewildered by area schools, particularly private schools and schools with similar size as JICHS that have gone in person for some time now, and if I'm not mistaken Berkeley or Dorchester County schools are back in session. Even AMHS and SOA combined campus are back in session. High schoolers need to be back at JICHS, please.

Amy Robinson- I would like to encourage the board to err on the side of safety. This year has not been normal and can’t be fixed by reopening to all students. As a parent of a student and spouse of a teacher, I am grateful for the safety measures that have been put in place. I think allowing some in person days for all students who want to come is fair and reasonable. We’ve made it this far and things are going to get better. They aren’t better yet. I urge the board to consider maintaining current Covid 19 safety measures. Thank you

Ashley Broderick- As our family prayerfully considers the best high school experience for our rising 9th grader can the board speak to school climate and future plans to open the building next year 5 days a week? With school choice approaching the current status of JICHS does not appeal to our family but wishfully thinking things will be different in the fall to encourage a high school experience these students deserve.

Karina Natanova- I have two nine graders and would like them to have a more frequent in school days. Twice a week is not enough. Thank you.

Kelly Smoak- I would first like to say thank you to the board and leadership team for hearing and responding to the voices of parents and the community. Swift actions taken in the past month have been a welcomed reassurance that there is a desire to meet the needs of the students on this island. I understand that this does not come without strife and discord among faculty and staff. For that I am sorry.

My plea tonight is that in the coming days of preparation to bring students back on campus, intentional plans are put into place to be mindful of the students social and emotional well being and to rebuild the climate of the campus. As students have been out of a normal school routine for a year now, so much has changed for them as well. Once engaged and active learners may have now become disengaged and affective. Once driven students with future goals in mind may now have lost hope in what they feel can be obtained. Once socially engaged students may now be withdrawn and reclusive. These issues among many others are some of the effects that we as educators may see play out as we make attempts to reconnect with kids. It is why it is crucial not only to allow kids back on campus for a normal schedule but to work to restore their sense of community and belonging at JICHS. We know that the school is nothing more than a building and empty halls without it’s thriving student body. As a parent, teacher and community member, I have heard countless reports that kids would rather stay home because the school seemed like such a graveyard on campus. Bringing them back together will change this mindset with the help of administration and teachers making intentional efforts.

After having great discussions with Chairwoman Melanie Millar, she questioned whether or not my own kids (a senior and a sophomore) would be willing to come up with a few questions for a student survey in effort to hear from the students. I will have to say I was blown away with their eagerness to have a voice. They wanted not only to be heard but wanted to hear from their classmates as well. The questions flowed off their lips so fast I could barely keep up in writing them down. I share this with you to give you a glimpse of kids wanting and needing to be checked in on, to have a voice and let others know that they’re not alone in the struggle with managing the struggles of online school. This is not unique to just our community but a grave concern among educators, pediatricians, psychologists, and parents across the country. I sent to Chairwoman Millar a tool that has been used here in CCSD as well as across the country to survey parents, students, and teachers to have a better understanding of the effects of the pandemic, online learning and how they are handling it. It is an incredible free resource.

In closing, my hope is that with the few months left of this year, JICHS can welcome kids back on campus, engage with students and foster their engagement with others. Be in tune with those that may be hurting and struggling, and think outside of the box to plan on campus opportunities to reignite school spirit. Make them feel welcomed. Let’s rise above this pandemic and show them that we can create an environment at JICHS, in spite of the plexiglass and protocols, that they want to be in to learn.

To the educators that have worked hard all year openly welcoming students back and working to engage with them, I say thank you and keep smiling behind those masks. Kids know when and where they are wanted.


Presenting JICHS monthly Financial Statement.

Info from Finance meeting:

Please note the addition of $160,699.92 to the Coronavirus Relief Funds revenue line on page 2, which was deposited on 1/12/21. Also note the Outdoor Science Classroom expense line at the bottom of page 8 has seen some activity on the actual side of things, with a YTD amount of $18,525.00. The last payroll bill, for the month of December 2020, indicated that CCSD would bill for Early College etc for the first semester, on the January payroll bill, which has not come in yet.

Finance meeting Changes:

The only change made was to add the $30,500 for the Tennis Court repainting at the bottom of page eight of the budget.

Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance for consideration $30,500 (budget approval).

Approve allotting funds from budget for Tennis Court Maintenance Cost

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Greg Hays

There was no notable discussion on the motion.


DHEC Reports, JICHS Covid Connect, CCSD Covid Dashboard.

Parent 4-day a week survey data- Review

Review of parent 4-day a week survey data- Total in-person students 1079, 329 responses, 73 want to remain hybrid (22%), 256 want a 4-day week option (78%), response rate 329/1079 = 30.5%.

Instructional Learning Model for board consideration

- The Leadership Team recommends that we remain hybrid, but offer a 4-day a week in-person option for parents who want to opt-in.

Motion to take leadership recommendation for a 4-day model.

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Greg Hays

Admin will phase students in based on the needs and space availability. 

1st phase - Students who wanted 4 days of instruction from the last semester.
2nd phase - After phase one is in the building based on space, availability, and the parent survey

Yes- 5

Leadership Report

Presented by Leadership Chair Sheli Ballard.

Link to view the document- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PA-lrDXMSvFadnRaTsm09vN04hFHa4_OAOAZ-RFtE/edit?usp=sharing


  • The LT team has approved a recommendation that would provide 2 or 4-day in-person instruction to students as determined by student/family preference or need.


  • Click HERE for our Performing Arts February Update. Lots of exciting things going on, recitals videos, and students being recognized!


  • Mr. Webster’s hybrid classes are utilizing digital tools to  create social contracts to begin the new semester. Padlet is a tool that allows students to contribute & interact digitally. Social Contract Padlet
  • A couple of lovely emails students have sent to our department members after S1
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Your class was extremely beneficial to me and I feel like I learned so much from you. One of the biggest things for me was learning how to write correctly (ACE Formatting). Even though I didn't really like it at first, I now find myself using it in every class without even thinking about it. After completing your class I feel like I have a new perspective on things that I was unaware of prior to this class. I think anyone could benefit from your class because it really gives you a different way of thinking about things..”
  • “I believe you know that this is my first year attending James Island Charter, and among all of the teachers I had this past semester, it seemed you were the most invested in your students and your work. In addition, I was also very grateful to have a teacher with such ethic as yours teach me my favorite subject.”
  • S2 US History: We are learning about the thirteen colonies and the colonial regions. In class, we used the Peardeck App to draw pictures showing our understanding of what types of jobs colonists might have in the different colonies, based off of the region the colony was located in.
  • S1 US History: students in Ms. Howard's class made dioramas for their End of course projects. See below!

  • IB Anthropology: We are currently reading an incredibly interesting ethnography by Adriana Petryna titled, Life Exposed: Biological Citizens after Chernobyl. We are applying our knowledge of the field of anthropology, and honing in our skills to avoid ethnocentrism as we read about other cultures. T In connection with TOK this ethnography has us exploring the questions: what is scientific knowledge, who makes it, and who determines its veracity? In connection with history, this ethnography has us exploring questions: what is a citizen, how is citizenship determined, and how does Petryna’s biological citizen support, refute or modify our working definitions? We have constantly made connections with the global COVID-19 pandemic and found parallels to scientific/political responses and consequences.
  • AP European History: We just finished our second unit test, working on our argumentation and evidence skills. I’ve only graded 2 of the 4 parts of the tests so far, but the scores are looking very promising. Please applaud any students you know who have stuck with Euro in such a trying year, as they have climbed the mountain and reached the peak! The discomfort of learning new skills and content simultaneously is over, now it’s continuing to learn the new content while sharpening our new skills. Very excited to see what this class can do! Their dedication to such a challenging (and rewarding) course  in spite of the world these days, has been inspiring! 
  • Honors Economics: Students completed a unit on Market Structures, Business Organizations, and Labor. As part of this unit students were asked to complete an Entrepreneurship project. The project required students to work in small groups to research an entrepreneur and create a video interviewing the entrepreneur about their life, how they started their business, etc. The goal of the video was to train and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.  The two videos that I shared are two students who interviewed local entrepreneurs.
  • Bight Ma Farms - Harold Singletary
  • Charleston Green and Bohicket Farms - John Smoak


  • (Lyles) - IB Biology HL Year 2 students practiced answering IB questions related to the kidneys and ultrafiltration.  We used these modified whiteboards to discuss and write as a class.

  • (Lyles) - IB Biology HL Year 2 students are studying the kidney and how it functions.  Understanding: The Malpighian tubule system in insects and the kidney carry out osmoregulation and removal of nitrogenous waste.  Skil: Drawing and labelling a diagram of the human kidney.  This topic is one of the more complex ones we do in this course so students dissected a grasshopper and a kidney to better understand the complexities of these structures.

  • (Barrett) -  Honors Biology students completed a pineapple enzyme in class. Even though this class is virtual, many students were able to participate from home using pineapple (canned & fresh) and jello. It is important for the students to be able to do these hands on activities even when working virtually. While we don’t have pictures, students had fun with it and even some good parent comments were shared!
  • (Barrett) -  IB Sports, Exercise & Health Science recently wrapped up their unit on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. To tie it all together, students were able to dissect sheep plucks (heart and lungs) and pig hearts. Through the dissection, they were able to go “beyond the diagrams” and see how the two systems work together. Students were also able to reflect on this activity and practice writing the personal engagement and exploration sections of their IA.

  • (Barrett) - IB SEHS students are currently studying macromolecules. In this lab, students are extracting the “Invisible Fats in Foods” by comparing masses of two different types of chips after removing the fat with acetone.


  • (Reeves) - CP Biology students are learning about biological molecules.  They rotated through stations to learn more about each group of molecules.  There was a card sort, a ‘lava’ lamp demonstration and a series of indicator tests to determine the biological molecule.

  • The new weather station has been mounted on the roof of the science building!

  • (Lyles) IB Biology HL Year 1 students have designed experiments to test the factors that affect root growth in plant stem cuttings.  This is a long-term project that is a ‘practice’ for designing and carrying out their IA.  Students have been growing their plants for a few weeks and submitted pictures with data as a check-in assignment.  Example 1  Example 2
  • (Evans) In Marine science students worked on an experiment this week where they took the DNA from a glowing jellyfish and transformed it into non-pathogenic e.coli bacteria. Next week we will be checking for results!

  • (Reeves) Environmental Science studied the water cycle and primary productivity by comparing the mass of Nerve Plants (Fittonia albivenis) that were kept under different conditions. Students will construct graphs to help them analyze their findings.

  • The science department has a subscription to a virtual lab program that has been very successfully implemented in our courses this year.  In addition to performing virtual lab experiments, students have been able to assume the roles of forensic scientists, physician assistants, geneticists, pediatricians, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians to solve mysteries using scientific principles. 


  • In honor of Black History Month, Ms. Bainbridge’s Spanish 1 & 2 classes learned about the connection between Africa and Latin America, heard stories about the struggles Afro-Latinos face, and researched famous Afro-Latinos (past and present). Some of their work is displayed in the WL hall.


  • 10th grader Simone Corey, a student in Ms. Broome’s class, is among 8 state finalists for the Poetry Outloud Competition. If she wins, she’ll advance to the National competition. 


  • Art 1  -- students are working on learning about the Elements and Principles of Art. We introduced Line and Pattern and completed a Zentangle assignment this week. See examples below! Next week we will cover how lines create texture and value, and begin a Scratch Art Project.

  • Art 2: 2D  -- Students are working on their Album cover projects, illustrating the soundtracks to their lives! Students also completed a still life pre-assessment of different fruits and vegetables.

  • IB Visual Art (HL 1, SL 1, and SL 2) -- IB SL 2 just submitted their final Comparative Studies and are continuing to work on art for the Exhibition and Process Portfolio.  SL 1 is working on their first independent project and thinking about artists that they would want to use for their Comparative Study.  HL 1 is gathering research for their Comparative Study and creating Venn diagrams for the information they are gathering.

  • Photography 1
  • Students were given their school-issued cameras (Nikon D3300) this week! We are so fortunate to have top-of-the-line equipment for our students to learn with. They are beginning their first photoshoot next week, and are very excited to learn more about the basics of Photography. This week we introduced Composition and how to arrange a successful photograph. We discussed the difference between “snapshots” and “photographs” in order to begin taking a deeper look at what it means to truly capture a successful, meaningful image.
  • 3D Design (Art 2: 3D)
  • Sculpture students have just finished their first sculpture in the round, an exploration of Line in space that illustrates how visual composition relates to 3D Design. This week we investigated the aesthetics and conceptual ideas of artist Frank Stella and architect Frank Gehry who both use lines and planes found in nature to create sculptures that hang from the wall. At home, students are investigating their own series of 9 images found in nature and have been tasked to identify lines and planes in these photographs to inform their sculpture plans. Each student will submit 12 thumbnail drawings which will pair their 9 investigations of lines and planes into spatial combinations they envision will work for their sculptures (based on their collected materials). In class, students will paint their natural organic lines and planes with unnatural colors to create contrast and interest Monday. Tuesday we will begin the construction process.   This will take 5-7 days. When the work is complete it will be installed on campus possibly in the Atrium (4-foot x 14 inches) as SYMBOL for the 2021 Art Connects Us Youth Art Month celebration on campus.
  • AP Art
  • Developing Sustained Investigation for AP Exam -- During the last few weeks of Art 4, students were presented with several activities to help them discover a subject matter that they are interested in or passionate about. Each student has been looking up related articles, researching compositions, and digging deeper into their art marking. They turned in 3 mini sustained investigations for their final project in Art 4 and this led to their ideas and beginning project for AP. One student that was not in Art 4 but now in AP is still in the process of discovering her topic or theme. 

  • National Art Honor Society (NAHS) -- Youth Art Month is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs. National Art Honors Society is making masks and planning SAFE "POP ART" art-making activities for lunch participation for the school to participate in. Students have also painted the artboards black near the art wing and elected officers. They are working on recruiting as well! They also painted another one of the large Bass instruments that were donated and will be added to the Performing Arts Building. Lastly, they are also in the process of designing the courtyard mosaic design for the bench in front of the vending machines. Ms. PurvisI should have a design next week. They decided that would be a good school-wide art project/community art project that would help connect us.


  • We were so excited to start the Unified PE class again at JI! Students of all abilities join together for PE, art, and new music! 


  • S1 - Mr. Walker’s Health Science finished out the semester doing blood pressure collection & IV starts ( key skills for healthcare workers with the IV starts being highly sought since most students leaving schools never start IVs before beginning their careers) - this was a high-level skill used to cap off-key learning concepts of the cardiovascular system. Pics on our JICHS Facebook page.
  • S2 - Ms. Miley’s Foundations of Animation class is learning the 12 Principles of Animation and has already created some pretty cool animations only two weeks into the semester!  Foundations of Animation Student Work
  • February is CTE Month and our CTE department will focus on helping students set up their digital resume/portfolio and provide information about scholarships and job opportunities in our area using the CTE Career Toolkit.


  • Congratulations to Ms. Broome on being selected as a recipient of the NSHSS Innovation in Teaching Educator Grant 2020!
  • GT Endorsement: Currently, the Social Studies department has five department members (Beyoglides, Cellars, Howard, Wakefield, Webster)  working in master’s level courses for the Gifted & Talented Endorsement for their certificates, during what has been one of the most challenging years on record as a professional educator. These teachers exemplify the high level of excellence and dedication that our department strives for personally and professionally. We are proud to support them as they further enrich the expertise of our department during a time when it is not easy to take on extra responsibilities. 
  • JICHS has been recognized by The College Board as one of two Charleston County schools for the AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award.  This award acknowledges expanded girls’ access to AP computer science courses and the amazing work of JICHS to close the gender gap in computer science.  JICHS is one of 1119 schools nationwide to earn this achievement for the 2019-20 school year.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Tracey Arthur who received her Doctorate degree!!

Athletic Report

Presented by Athletic Director Jeremy Holland.

Athletics Report Jan 25th

Individual Sports Reports:

-Varsity Boys Basketball - 7-3  (4-2 Region) Region Title Friday NIght. The first playoff game will be Monday night. 

-JV Boys Basketball - 2-4  1-2 (Region)

-Varsity Girls Basketball - 1-5 (Region)

-JV Girls - 3-1

-Wrestling - 2-2 finished 3rd in Region and made it to the playoffs. 

Spring Sports - All teams are starting to scrimmage either this week or next week. 

Positive Student News

Signing Day :

One of the largest signing classes in school history:



-COVID issues and contact tracing

-Baseball field draining issues and new infield needed

-Tennis Court Resurfacing

-Game Field may need middle resodded after the season (holding up good right now but getting a lot of play on it)

-Practice fields behind the stadium need to be re irrigated, laser leveled, and resodded (hopefully the district will do this).

Maintenance Report

Presented by Mr. Thorn

Feb. 22, 2021


Permanent power has been restored to the athletic facilities under the stadium, as well as the football concession stands and facilities maint. building.   

PAC boilers are being repaired, boiler #1 has a bad gas valve. Boiler# 2 needs a vermiculite burner gaskets replaced.        


Installed a weather monitoring station on the rooftop of the science building.


Covid plexi-glass scenes have been added to the desks to match the increased number of students for the second semester.

JICHS facilities maint. dept. has received and processed 76 work orders from Jan. 25th to the present.  


School Leader Report

Presented by Mr. Thorn-

Academics/School Update of Events

EIR Grant

This past fall CCSD applied for Education Innovation & Research (EIR) grant worth $12 million over five years (Cultural Competency Training). All schools in Districts 3 and 23  are a part of the initial grant which includes JICHS. Teachers will have $1,500 annually to select professional development on building their cultural competency in the classroom. Cultural Competency has been and will continue to be the focus of the yearly professional development plan which supports all three of our charter goals. 

Covid Vaccinations (SC General Assembly)

SC H3858 | 2021-2022 | 124th General Assembly

South Carolina House Joint Resolution 3858

SC State Legislature page for H3858

Spectrum: Bipartisan Bill

Status: Introduced on February 9, 2021 - 25% progression

Action: 2021-02-16 - Member(s) request name added as sponsor: Calhoon

Pending: House Ways and Means Committee

Text: Latest bill text (Introduced) [HTML]


Direct The Department Of Health And Environmental Control To Include Public And Private K-12 School Teachers And Anyone Whose Condition Of Employment Requires Them To Be Located In A Public Or Private School Building In Phase 1a Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Plan, And To Provide That No Later Than Twenty-eight Days After The Effective Date Of This Joint Resolution, Every School District Must Offer Five-day, In-person Classroom Instruction To Students.


I confirmed with CCSD that JICHS will be included in ESSER II funding through the district just as we were with ESSER I. More details about ESSER II are below. 

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

Congress set aside approximately $13.2 billion of the $30.75 billion allotted to the Education Stabilization Fund through the CARES Act for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund). The Department will award these grants ­to State educational agencies (SEAs) for the purpose of providing local educational agencies (LEAs), including charter schools that are LEAs, with emergency relief funds to address the impact that COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on elementary and secondary schools across the Nation.

ESSER Fund awards to SEAs are in the same proportion as each State received funds under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, in fiscal year 2019.

January 5, 2021 – ESSER II

The Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 (CRRSA), was signed into law on December 27, 2020, and provides an additional $54.3 billion for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER II Fund).

ESSER II Fund awards to SEAs are in the same proportion as each State received funds under Part A of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended, in fiscal year 2020.

 Note: See EESER II Fact Sheet in Google Folder.  

School Choice

2/19/21- 239 Applicants, 172 First-Choice applicants

See below the important dates related to the CCSD Magnet/Charter online application cycle for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to COVID-19 regulations, paper applications will be mailed upon request (More information coming soon)

January 26, 2021 - Online and paper application window opens at 12:00 p.m. (Noon)

January 30, 2021 - School Fair

February   4, 2021 - Registration for this date is now closed- 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 6:30 pm

February 11, 2021 -  Registration for this date is now closed- - 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 6:30 pm

February 18, 2021 - Application Assistance Opportunities - 5:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 6:30 pm

February 26, 2021 - Online and paper application window closes at 6:00 pm.

April 2, 2021 - Families notified of acceptance.

April 22, 2021 - Offered seat must be accepted by 11:59 p.m.

Enrollment Update- 2nd Semester Virtual/In-person Request (Drake)

A_Orange= 542

B_Blue= 537

E_Green= 462

Program= 35


Technology Update (Mr. Nisoff)

Our eRate equipment needs are based on the desire to modernize our existing structure to be in line with state-of-the-art technology that will be installed in the new buildings. These eRate requests include: 

1. All new Power Over Ethernet switches to handle new Wireless access points and future Voice Over IP telephony. 

2. New Wifi 6 (802.11 ax) wireless access points (ap's)

3. Category 6 wiring to all new wireless ap's

4. Upgrade some existing backbone cabling using existing single-mode fiber infrastructure (many new signaling modules will be needed)

5. New battery backups and surge protection for the new equipment

Non eRate items that we need to address

1. Our batch of 250 Chromebooks should be on-site by the end of this week. They were officially shipped today. We should probably get another order in the making, and the technology committee will take a look at CARES Act money to help. 

2. We have to begin replacing some old computer labs (CTE and Media Center) and begin to replace the aging fleet of teacher workstations. 

3. Continue to add to our interactive board arsenal. Mrs. Miley is doing a tremendous job managing the wide variety of boards that we use and instructional needs are being met. 

4. Our phone system continues to age gracefully and the plan there is to address that once the new building project is complete. We have already begun the process of exploring companies to host our voice needs. Several exciting options. 

Construction Update

No update at this time. 

Busing Update

The busing this year under First Student has been dramatically better. We had very few late buses or bus shortages so far this year. CCSD did manage to get state bus pricing (State bus $266 or $133 per diem versus a Vendor bus $400) this year based on how the buses are arranged on campus (refueling, trailer with offices nearby, etc.), which has the buses parked along the athletic drive. With spring sports getting underway, traffic and parking have become an issue in the area. When we agreed to have District 3 buses parked on our campus this year, we anticipated the construction of a bus lot on our campus. However, the District 3 Bus Lot project has been tabled. At this time, there is no long-term solution. 

Activity Buses

The activity buses arrived earlier this month. They went into use right away. The coaches and athletes greatly appreciate the new buses.        

Executive Session

  • Contracts- Tennis Court quotes for consideration, Charter Contract Update
  • Personnel- Personnel Issue
  • Legal- 
  • Student Privacy-  

Into executive session.

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Tom Hatley

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Out of executive session

By: Kathleen Beebe Seconded by: Carson Stewart

There was no notable discussion on the motion.

Motions From Executive Session

~ No motions from executive session.

The Meeting was Adjourned

The meeting adjourned at approximately 8:05 pm

Motion to adjourn

By: Greg Hays Seconded by: Tom Hatley

There was no notable discussion on the motion.