Governing Board

Board of Directors April Meeting - Monday April 16th, 2018 @5:30 PM

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order 1 minutes

The meeting will be called to the order, beginning with the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence.

Approval of Agenda 5 minutes

So that there is agreement between board members on the agenda, and the amount of time spent on the meeting, the board shall vote to approve an agenda for the meeting. To the best of its ability, it will follow that agenda, and allow for the chair to move the board through the agenda as specified.


  1. Approve the agenda as submitted

Approval of Minutes from Mar 19, 2018 5 minutes


  1. Approve the minutes as submitted

KM Consulting 15 minutes

Presenting JISCH monthly Finacial Statement.


First Reading of the 2018-19 Budget 15 minutes

Open Enrolment 15 minutes

Recommendations from the Leadership Team

JICHS 2018-2019 School Calendar 5 minutes

Vote on the approval of next years calendar.

Leadership Report 10 minutes

Presented by Leadership Chair Sheli Ballard.


Athletic Report 10 minutes

Presented by Athletic Director Jeremy Holland.


Maintenance Report 10 minutes

Presented by Mr. Thorn


School Leader Report 15 minutes

Presented by Mr. Thorn


Executive Session 60 minutes

  • Contracts- Fence/Gate Quotes & 
  • Contracts- Payroll/ HR services 
  • Personel- Staff issue, New staffing for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Legal- Baseball Project
  • Student Privacy - Student issue

Motions From Executive Session 10 minutes


Next Meeting May 21, 2018 @5:30 1 minutes