Finance Committee

November Finance Meeting - Monday November 11th, 2019 @4:00 PM

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order 1 minutes

The meeting will be called to the order.

Approval of Finance Agenda 5 minutes

So that there is an agreement between committee members on the agenda, and the amount of time spent on the meeting, the committee shall vote to approve an agenda for the meeting. To the best of its ability, it will follow that agenda, and allow for the chair to move through agenda as specified.

Approval of Minutes from Oct 14, 2019 5 minutes


  1. Approve the minutes as submitted

Financial Statement 20 minutes



State Funding for Busing- CCSD feedback 10 minutes

Enrollment Update 15 minutes

  • Day 50 membership was 1513. This is a decrease of 3 students from last month, but still 1 higher than our day 1 membership. During the previous school year, our day 50 membership was 10 less than our day 1 membership from that school year.

  • The ADM for day 135 is still expected to be between 1488 and 1514. We are anticipating approximately 10 early graduates - same as last year.

  • There has not been a change in Program School enrollment yet. One of our 28 program school students was expelled but is still in PowerSchool.